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May 26, 2012 / James Watts

Kitty Pryde – Okay Cupid

February 10, 2011 / James Watts

Neil Favila – Salty Skates

check out the shoot here.



January 31, 2011 / James Watts

Neil Favila – Timing

check out the set here.

January 18, 2011 / James Watts


January 16, 2011 / James Watts

How To: Download Tracks from


A lot of the remixes are hard to find / not possible to buy on, so here is a way you can download the tracks for free.

I was actually looking for a better way to download my full playlist off hypem into iTunes. They recently updated to an HTML5 based UI but it still kinda sucks on an iPad. So in looking for a better way than I was already using I noticed that there was not even a tutorial for mac users looking to download songs the ole’ basic one at a time way. So if you did not know, like a few of my friends that have asked if it was anyway possible in the last few weeks, now you know!


January 14, 2011 / James Watts

“Wet-N-Juici Girlz” 1-5


Pray I dont know where your next party is. Someone is getting these.

January 14, 2011 / James Watts

Chase Jarvis – Digital Workflow

Commercial Photographer Chase Jarvis who has shot campaigns for companies such as Nike, REI, Mt. Dew, Reebok, and Nikon discusses his digital workflow.

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